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Super Long-Lasting Incandescent Light Bulb - 25W Clear - A19 - Lasts 10,000 Hours!

Item: 4251100
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These High Quality Commercial Grade Incandescent Light Bulbs will fit standard light sockets on lamps, overhead lighting fixtures, accent light fixtures, and more!

Why are these Bulbs special?

  • They last 10,000 Hours which is the equivalent to over 9 years of light at 3 hours/day.
  • They cost less than standard CFL-equivalent Bulbs and do not contain any toxic mercury.
  • They cost much less than standard LED-equivalent Bulbs.
  • They emit a beautiful warm amber incandescent light, NOT the harsh bright white light of LED and CFL Bulbs.
  • They are designed to withstand harsh conditions, bumping, and vibrations due to their special heavy-duty filament design.

    Aren't Incandescent Bulbs being Banned?
    No. Don't believe people when they tell you ALL incandescent bulbs are being banned. Our efficient, long-lasting 10,000 Hour Incandescent Bulbs are not being banned!