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Folkmanis Puppets – Animal Puppets – Hand Puppets

Folkmanis® believes that imaginative play is the key to a healthy childhood. Give your children the tools they need to grow and develop as individuals by ordering your favorite Folkmanis® puppets from Christmas Tree Hill. Choose from a wide variety of animal puppets that are beautifully designed to mimic their wild counterparts and go on a make-believe safari filled with fun and magic. We carry all of your child’s favorite wild animals, including bears, bunnies, domestic pets, mythical creatures and more.
Folkmanis® has been crafting specialty puppets since 1976. They’ve won nearly every child development and kid-tested award possible, so you can shop with confidence knowing you’re ordering the finest puppets available. Whether you’re a grandparent looking for an old-fashioned toy that reminds you of your youth or a parent hoping to spark their child’s imagination, Folkmanis® puppets are the way to go. With so many styles to choose from, you're sure to find the right animal puppet for your little one. Can't find what you're looking for, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help find the right Folkmanis® puppet for you.

Visit Christmas Tree Hill for the best selection of Folkmanis® puppets. We’re proud to continue the tradition that Folkmanis® has started, providing kids of all ages the tools they need to exercise their imagination and express their individuality. We carry all of the most popular puppet styles, including bunnies, dragons, pigs, squirrels, ostriches and Folkmanis® puppets owl. Folkmanis® puppets are some of the best quality puppets available and each one is painstakingly designed to incorporate the features of its real-life counterpart.

Strict attention to detail along with kid-proof construction make these puppets good for children, collectors and more. We carry hand puppets and stage puppets depending on what you need. Visit Christmas Tree Hill today to browse our entire selection of premium Folkmanis® puppets and take advantage of the great value we offer on your favorite plush friends. In addition to puppets, we also carry snugglers and other children’s gifts.