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Galileo Thermometers

Want a functional home décor piece that is guaranteed to be a conversation starter? Our glass Galileo thermometers make great gifts and are sure to prompt discussions about their history. Guests may even discuss how a Galileo thermometer works. These decorative indoor thermometers' functions take two scientific principles into account: the upward push of buoyancy and the downward pull of gravity.
Decorative Glass Temperature Gauges

So, what is in a Galileo glass thermometer exactly and how does it all work? Galileo thermometers are decorative glass temperature gauge cylinders that are a unique, fun way to watch how the changes in external temperatures affect the positions of the internal glass spheres.

These internal spheres, which are filled with different colors, rise and fall according to the room's temperature. Each sphere has a metal tag attached to it. As the water expands or contracts (depending on the outside temperature), the spheres rise or fall. The sphere that drops nearest to the bottom of the uppermost floating sphere cluster most accurately reflects the current ambient temperature of the room.

Glass Galileo Thermometers: Science in Motion

These glass Galileo thermometers are excellent ways to show how science can be applied in the practical functions of everyday life. As a result, these are fantastic items to add to classrooms, homeschool settings or offices that frequent children. Make telling the temperature a learning experience with these decorative indoor thermometers. Choose between two tabletop thermometers in a 12-inch or 17-inch size. Add these glass Galileo thermometers to each room of your home and/or purchase our decorative glass temperature gauges as gifts for friends, co-workers - even your child's favorite science teacher.

Unique Gifts and Great Values since 1971

Since 1971, Christmas Tree Hill has been offering the most unique gifts for all occasions as well as décor to brighten up your home. Our glass Galileo thermometers are no different. Whether you're looking to add a striking, colorful piece to your home, office or classroom, we have the best décor for all occasions. From LED lights and specialty string lights to candle rings, Christmas Tree Hill-brand candles and essential oil diffusers, we offer a fantastic variety of products to choose from.