Habersham Candles & Wax Pottery Vessels

These individually handcrafted Habersham Candle vessels are created using fragranced wax as a base, and then filled with botanical or garden materials for color and design. This non-burning collection continues to redefine decorative fragranced accessories for the home or office without the need of an open flame. There is nothing to light or plug in. Just unwrap, place on a stand or base and enjoy as the special formulation allows the fragrance to fill the room. Most of the delightful fragrances last six months or longer depending on the room environment. The beauty of the hand placed design and botanical materials can last for years. No two pieces, however, are exactly alike as Habersham Wax Pottery is crafted in the USA by local artisans. Each design is truly a piece of artwork! Get your wax pottery today at Christmas Tree Hill.