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Ivory Ella Shirts & Accessories - Save the Elephants

Whether you're an advocate for dog adoption or for saving the planet, a colorful T-shirt is a great way to advertise for a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Ivory Ella shirts and accessories from Christmas Tree Hill are a great way to support elephant conservation organizations while updating your wardrobe. Ivory Ella is named after Ella, an elephant in Amboseli National Park. The T-shirts and accessories are made from responsible, sustainably sourced materials and the unique designs are attention-grabbing to make starting a conversation or sharing your passion easier than ever.
Eco-Conscious Fashion

Conservation and ending the ivory trade is at the heart of everything Ivory Ella does, so it's no surprise that the brand's apparel and accessory options offer the best of eco-conscious fashion. Clothing items are responsibly made, and all materials used are sustainably sourced. Ivory Ella designs are made for life on earth and feature wildly soft fabrics, bold colors and a variety of fits. Shop for T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and more, all featuring the colors, designs and elephant-saving essence you love.

Ivory Ella Mission

Elephant conservation is at the heart of the Ivory Ella brand and 10% of the cost of each item sold goes toward conservation groups like Save the Elephants. Because of this, Ivory Ella has built a connection with their loyal community of eco-conscious consumers and elephant lovers. Get your casual-wear needs met while enjoying exceptional style when you choose Ivory Ella apparel.

Connect with Ivory Ella at Christmas Tree Hill and get your hands on all of your favorite designs. Every purchase of fun Ivory Ella clothing items goes to help elephant conservation efforts throughout the world. Fill your cart and fill your heart at the same time when you shop for all of the latest Ivory Ella apparel designs at Christmas Tree Hill.