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Programmable App-Controlled LED Lights - Home Exterior Lighting

App-Controlled LED Lighting

Make a splash in your neighborhood for the holidays, during Christmastime or for other special occasions with app-controlled LED lighting from Lumenplay. These spectacular Lumenplay Color Splashers programmable LED lights are a fabulous way to light up your home or business' exterior and easily control colors, functions, speed, direction and brightness from your phone.
Bluetooth Smart Device-Controlled Technology

Lumenplay LED Color Splashers app-controlled Christmas lights and exterior programmable LED lighting is controlled via Bluetooth Smart device-controlled technology. Just download the Lumenplay app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and you're good to go. With this app-controlled holiday lighting system, you can create fabulous color palettes to highlight unique architectural features, brighten up billboards, play up landscaping or holiday decorations, as well as illuminate stages and plazas. Simply set up the Lumenplay Color Splasher programmable Christmas light program and shine some light on your home's or business' exterior.

Programmable LED Lights

These app-controlled LED lights are available in several set sizes. Christmas Tree Hill offers these 20-watt LED lights in a two-LED light kit, a three-LED light kit and a four-LED light kit. With this programmable LED lighting system, you'll set a time to determine when your system lights up your desired focus area. Want your Lumenplay Colorsplash app-controlled lighting system to coordinate with a specific song or beat? Use the in-app Music Visualizer and create a fabulous visual light show.

Christmas Tree Hill: Since 1971

At Christmas Tree Hill, we're all about adding beauty to your home with fabulous holiday décor and unique values that reflect the spirit of the season. Your exterior will never be the same, thanks to Lumenplay Colorsplash app-controlled Christmas lights and special occasion lights that will highlight your home, business, church or display. Since 1971, Christmas Tree Hill has been bringing you the best values, the most unique gifts, home décor, seasonal lighting, jewelry, solar lighting, collectibles, Christmas Tree Hill candles and more. We strive to carry the best-quality products and hard-to-find items, as well as deliver the most personal service to our customers. Shop a family-owned business for your app-controlled LED lighting this season.