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Beekman Hand/Body Wash - Vanilla Absolute Goat Milk - 12.5oz

Item: 1680003
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Treat yourself and your guests to a luxurious foaming wash that will leave everyone smelling beautifully of rich vanilla. This creamy goat milk cleanser is gentle on sensitive skin, with a warm and foamy lather that delivers lasting moisture and an irresistible scent.

  • Brand: Beekman 1802
  • Directions: Massage desired amount onto hands and body, then rinse thoroughly. Use as needed.
  • Scent Notes: T: Sheer Lily, Dewy Muguet, Orange M: Vanilla, Golden Amber B: Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Orange, Patchouli
  • Size: 12.5oz Bottle

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