Mirage LED Candles - Mirage Gold Collection

Battery Operated Mirage LED Candles are a favorite of our Christmas Tree Hill customers. Enjoy the beauty of a real candle without any of the mess. Mirage pillars capture the essence of a real wick burning candle, emulating the dancing nature of the flame of a real wax candle. Mirage candles are made with 100% refined paraffin wax, it looks so incredibly realistic, you will try to put it out! The new Mirage Gold Collection has a 360 Degree view of Flame, which is viewable from all sides. Includes a Programmable Timer with exceptional run time exceeding most industry standards. Use Mirage Remotes to remotely control the candle from anywhere. Shop Christmas Tree Hill for the best battery-operated LED candles. We have tried them all and only stock the very best.