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Mirage LED Candles - Mirage Gold Collection

Mirage LED Candles - Mirage Gold Collection
Get the beauty of a real candle without any of the mess or danger by ordering a flameless Mirage LED candle from Christmas Tree Hill. The Mirage Gold collection includes a variety of pillar-style candles that capture the essence of a real wick burning candle thanks to the addition of a flickering LED light. The outside of the candles are made from real wax for the most realistic presentation possible. The unique artificial flame emulates the dancing nature of a real flame in a real wax candle, but is significantly safer to use indoors. Mirage candles make a great alternative to traditional candles in homes, holiday decorations and more. The LED pillar candles are safe to use and are made from high-quality materials for the most realistic candle experience to date. In fact, Mirage candles are so realistic looking that you may have trouble telling them apart from your real candles.
Realistic Look

Mirage candles are made with 100% refined paraffin wax, adding to the authenticity of the design. The exterior of our Mirage Gold candles are virtually indistinguishable from a regular candle, making them a great choice for centerpieces and other high-visibility areas. Mirage LED flameless candles look and feel more realistic than other standard LED pillar candles, offering the warmth you crave and safety you deserve in one complete package. In fact, Mirage Gold LED candles are so realistic, you might find yourself trying to blow them out. When turned on, the Mirage Gold Collection has a 360-degree view of the flame, so you can see the dancing light from all sides, no matter which way your candle is facing.

Mirage LED candles come in a variety of styles. Choose a basic white pillar candle or opt for a more colorful design like one of our flameless flickering candles in blue. Our impressive selection ensures that you'll find the right candle for any need. Use a Mirage LED pillar candle in your favorite centerpiece or display one on a shelf or tabletop.

Programmable and Energy-Efficient

Mirage flameless candles come with a variety of unique features you won't find in a traditional flame candle. Unlike traditional candles, our LED pillar candles come with a programmable timer that allows users to choose when the light shuts off without any outside help. The run time of the candle exceeds most industry standards, offering hours of enjoyment before the candle automatically turns off to conserve energy. A remote control is also included with select candles, so you can control them from virtually anywhere. If your candle doesn't come with a remote, the Mirage LED candle line is compatible with our battery-operated candle remote.

At Christmas Tree Hill, we 've done the hard work of researching all of the different LED candles on the market for you and we stock only the very best battery-operated LED candles. We've tried them all and we're confident that Mirage Gold Collection candles are the very best that money can buy. Shop at Christmas Tree Hill today to order battery operated LED pillar candles for less. While you're here, don't forget to dress your candles up with the addition of a candle wreath or berry ring.