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Stocking Stuffers - Games - Puzzles

They're awaiting their big gift this Christmas, and stocking stuffers enhance the experience, offering hours of entertainment at home. From games to 3D puzzles and sensory toys, our hand-selected collection offers something for adults and kids - including the perfect addition to your family game cabinet. Spend time building a 3D puzzle, or work solo on a Star Wars 3D Model Kit that's fit for display. From color-changing stress balls to unicorn activity books, there's something for every taste and interest.

Types of Stocking Stuffers

Puzzles and Games

Have some good old-fashioned fun by putting together a jigsaw puzzle with the family, or pick out a new board game to create memories while keeping the kids busy. From kids' games to adult favorites, Christmas Tree Hill has the stocking stuffers you need to beat boredom while keeping your mind active and creating memories.

Our puzzle selection includes standard 2D and 3D masterpieces fit for display, as well as sensory activities. Choose a simple 2D puzzle for a child, or pick out a 3D replica of a famous landmark for teens or adults to put together. Our 1000-piece puzzles are great for families. With a large selection to choose from at all ability levels, Christmas Tree Hill truly has something for everyone.

Activity Books

In addition to puzzles, we also carry other games and activity books designed to engage and stimulate the mind. Pick a Master mazes or color pictures to relax, and choose from a range of themes and difficulty levels.

Sensory Puzzles and Toys

Puzzles aren't the only thing we have to offer. At Christmas Tree Hill, we also carry sensory toys to keep young minds occupied. From fun stress balls to Mad Mattr products, our toys are designed to delight young minds and keep kids focused.

Tips for Selecting Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are designed to supplement Christmas gifts, showing you understand someone's personality and interests. As well, they're ideal as solo or grouped gifts, even outside the holiday season. To select the perfect stocking stuffer for an adult or kid:

  • Think about what they're interested in. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it means that this gift, no matter how small, gets put to use. Know if the recipient is someone who prefers challenges and puzzles, or if a stress or sensory toy would be a better choice.
  • Determine how useful the gift will be. Also in line with the recipient's tastes, think about if the stocking stuffer will receive regular use - for instance, a game or activity that can be played again and again, or a sensory toy that helps someone focus better.
  • Consider grouping toys: If you're assembling a whole stocking, select a few toys or activities based on the recipient's tastes and interests with one primary and a few secondary items.

Shop Stocking Stuffers at Christmas Tree Hill

Find fun for the whole family at Christmas Tree Hill. Whether you're shopping or a family, for an individual or for the person who has everything, you'll love our impressive selection and fair prices. Find games, puzzles and more stocking stuffers you won't see anywhere else, and expand your collection with unique and affordable entertainment.