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Snow Globes and Glitterdomes – Collectibles

There's just something magical about snow globes and glitterdomes. A quick shake is all it takes to transform the scene within into a winter wonderland. Whether you live in the warm south or the frozen north, a fresh coating of snow, even within the confines of a snow globe, just adds something unexplainable to the holiday season. Experience the wonder of a snow globe at home by ordering your favorite glitterdome from Christmas Tree Hill. We offer a large selection of designs to choose from and our unique Christmas snow globes are the perfect choice for collectors.
Collectible Christmas Snow Globes

Snow globes and glitterdomes are some of the most collectible novelties on the market today. The domed designs are made to look like snow is falling on a scene, so they're the perfect choice for your winter-themed d้cor. Our snow globes come in tons of styles, but our unique Christmas snow globes are a fan favorite. Our Christmas snow globes and glitterdomes include designs like old fashioned villages, the Santa Christmas Lantern Snow Globe and more. Looking for a glittery scene that runs continuously? Check out our battery-operated glitter snow globes with motors that keep the snow falling.

Affordable Holiday Memories

Snow globes are a great way to keep holiday memories alive. Gift a snow globe to commemorate a special occasion or milestone and remember an event or person each time you shake it. Our holiday snow globes are perfect for keepsakes or special gifts at a great value. Shop for large Christmas snow globes, musical Christmas snow globes, collectible snow globes and much more, all at competitive prices.

Make your holidays a little bit brighter with a beautiful snow globe or glitterdome from Christmas Tree Hill. Shop our generous selection today to find the perfect addition to your holiday d้cor. Order a snow globe for yourself or pick up a collectible glitterdome to give to a friend or family member as a gift. Christmas Tree Hill has been in business since 1971 and continues to offer the best section of snow globes and other unique gift items that are perfect for the holiday season.