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Framed Folk Art Paintings by Bonnie White – Country Art

Bonnie White is an American artist that grew up in New York state where her family owned and operated a horse farm. Inspired by her childhood memories, Bonnie successfully transfers her emotions, experiences and visions onto canvas in a unique folk-art style. Her paintings are made to invoke feelings of hard work and family, highlighting different seasons and milestone events. “Meet the New Foal” is about new beginnings. “Big Bang” celebrates the 4th of July. “Apple Orchard” illustrates the transition from summer to fall and “Picking Pumpkins” successfully captures all of our favorite fall traditions. Of course, there are also numerous Christmas tree paintings to celebrate the Christmas holiday.
Bonnie White is one of America’s most beloved artists and has even designed pieces for the White House and other historical places. Christmas Tree Hill is proud to offer a large selection of reproductions of Bonnie White’s most famous pieces, each in a painted black wooden frame that is stained and trimmed to perfectly complement her folk-art designs. Our full-color prints are made using the most advanced technologies, giving the same depth and richness of color as the originals at a much more affordable price.

For the best selection of folk-art paintings by Bonnie White at prices you can afford, shop at Christmas Tree Hill. Our selection of country wall decor is the perfect choice for adding warmth and dimension to your home. Order a painting for every season or choose the image that best represents your favorite time of year. Whether you prefer the warmth of a summer sun or the traditions of Christmastime, Bonnie White’s famous folk-art paintings are sure to please. Our high-quality paintings are pre-framed for convenience and are guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition. They are carefully printed and framed by experts to ensure the highest quality possible, but at a price-point that’s accessible to everyone. Order your favorite images today and enjoy the convenience of ready-to-hang artwork delivered right to your door.