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Woodstock Windchimes - Encore Chimes - Amazing Grace

Enjoy the gentle sound of wind chimes whenever a breeze passes through by hanging a Woodstock wind Chime from Christmas Tree Hill. The expertly crafted pieces are not only easy on the eyes, they're also easy on the ears and select wind chimes play recognizable melodies like Amazing Grace, calming sounds like rainfall more. Hang a wind chime in your favorite outdoor seating area or give one as a gift to a friend or family member. Enjoy a large selection of beautiful Woodstock Wind Chimes when you shop at Christmas Tree Hill.
Enhance Outdoor Spaces

Enhance any outdoor space with the addition of a beautiful new wind chime. Wind chimes are designed to use the wind to create beautiful melodies. Woodstock Wind Chimes are no different, but in addition to creating beautiful music, the wind chimes are also eye-catching and appealing. Featuring a timeless design with a smooth, hand-finished wood top, the wind chimes incorporate aluminum tubes of various lengths that hang down around the body of the wind chime and a wooden wind catcher at the base. Hang one on a porch, off a tree or at the corner of your home where the wind will pass through and play a beautiful song.

Expert Craftsmanship

Not all wind chimes are created equal and at Christmas Tree Hill, we know that Woodstock Wind Chimes are some of the best. Made from lightweight aluminum, solid ash wood and heavy-duty line, the chimes are carefully assembled, finished and tuned to ensure the best results. The wind chimes are designed to withstand the elements and all metal areas are rust-resistant for years of uninhibited enjoyment.

Visit Christmas Tree Hill today to shop our entire selection of Woodstock Wind Chimes and other home and garden favorites. Our wind chimes are beautiful, melodic and ideal for enhancing any outdoor space. Order a wind chime for yourself or pick one up as a gift for a friend or family member.