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Mini String Lights Incandescent Christmas Lights

Light up the night with mini string lights from Christmas Tree Hill. Outdoor Christmas lights are a staple of the Christmas season, and at Christmas Tree Hill, we make it easy to create custom holiday light displays for your home with our mini incandescent string lights. Safe for use indoors or out, our string mini lights come in solid or multi-color strands and are easy to use. Simply plug a pre-assembled light strand into the nearest outlet and they 're ready to go. Hang the lights along the edge of your home or wrap them around your Christmas tree for instant brilliance and color. Mini Christmas lights are available in all-white or multi-color varieties so you can customize your holiday display any way you see fit.
Small in Size, Big in Brilliance

Incandescent mini white light strings are small in size, but big in brilliance. Designed to deliver an impressive amount of light in a small package, mini string lights are some of the most popular Christmas lights on the market, and at Christmas Tree Hill, we sell thousands of these lights every year. Mini string lights are great for the holidays, but they are also suitable for year-round use to add sparkle and brilliance to any indoor or outdoor display.

The light strands use mini bulbs, and despite their size, they also put out a considerable amount of light, although for maximum brightness, we suggest LED Christmas lights. Small Christmas light strings are available in several sizes, but they are labeled by the number of bulbs on each strand. The greater the number of bulbs, the longer the strand, as the bulbs are always evenly spaced. Order a longer strand for trimming your home and a smaller strand for indoor projects. Some light strands are suitable for indoor or outdoor use while others are for indoor use only, but each strand is labeled so there's no confusion. Please refer to individual light strand listings for details on approved usage.

Classic White Lights

White lights are the most popular choice during the holiday season and are arguably the most classic. Before string lights were available, people used to decorate for the holidays using candles. White incandescent Christmas lights are designed to honor this tradition, giving off a warm glow. The lights are a true classic and look great in almost any setting. Use them on your home, on your tree or even around a collection of holiday keepsakes. When ordering Christmas string lights, be sure to take the cord color into consideration. If using the lights as Christmas tree lights, a green cord is desirable so that it blends into the greenery. For illuminating collectibles on a shelf or for creating a display on your home 's exterior, a white cord may blend in better. Ready to break away from tradition? Take a look at our specialty string lights, shaped like grapes, icicles and more.

Christmas Tree Hill - A Family Tradition

Christmas Tree Hill is proud to be your go-to source for holiday illumination needs. We've been in business since 1971 and have become a part of holiday traditions for many families. Our selection of lights makes it easy to create beautifully illuminated holiday displays, whether you're hoping to decorate your home or an interior display. In addition to incandescent mini string lights, we also carry replacement bulbs to make quick work of your yearly maintenance or to perform at-home repairs. Order your mini white Christmas lights today and create beautiful, illuminated holiday displays.