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Potpourri Bowls and Dishes - Home Fragrancing Accessories

Fill your home with fragrance and style when you shop at Christmas Tree Hill for potpourri bowls and dishes. Our high-quality glass potpourri containers are compatible with any type of potpourri. Simply fill them with your favorite dried potpourri or potpourri balls and place them around your house. The open containers allow the scents to gently drift through the air, giving the air in your home a light fragrance of your choosing.

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Decorative Dishes for Everyday Living

At Christmas Tree Hill, we offer decorative potpourri containers that are perfect for everyday use. Our glass message jar style containers fit in with many themes and include inspirational messages or fun designs. Use a potpourri container to accentuate your existing décor or make your new potpourri dish the centerpiece of your home's design.

Our message jar potpourri containers are large enough to hold a generous amount of potpourri, but small enough to fit on a bookshelf or desk. They have flat bottoms and open tops with tall sides to help keep your dried fragrance in the jar instead of on the floor. They're the perfect choice for homes with pets or kids and are value priced, so keeping your home fresh won't cost a lot of money.

Elegant Dishes for Upscale Décor

For a more upscale approach to potpourri, choose one of our decorative bowls, complete with custom metal stands. The bowls are wider than they are tall to maximize scent dispersion. Decorative potpourri bowls are perfect for large spaces where you need more airflow through your potpourri container, but also want your space to look as good as it smells.

Our potpourri bowls are made of glass and many, like the Luminati Bowl, have decorative patterns etched right into the side of the bowl. The clear glass containers are easy to clean and complement virtually any décor. Because they are made of clear class, each potpourri dish has a timeless appearance and can be used year-round.

No matter what your potpourri preference is, you'll find the perfect bowls, jars and other containers to display your signature blend. Shop online at Christmas Tree Hill for the best selection for a premium potpourri container. Need potpourri? Take a look at our Aromatique Collection and our Garden Route natural potpourri.