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LED String Lights Christmas Lights Indoor/Outdoor

Are you still using incandescent string lights for your holiday décor? While there's nothing wrong with hanging on to traditions, switching to LED string lights (also called swag style Christmas lights) from Christmas Tree Hill can yield a huge energy savings without sacrificing any brilliance. Put simply, you can make your holiday even more merry by switching to LED string lights.

LED lights are not only brighter than traditional lights, they also have a much longer lifespan, so you'll change them less often. LED lights are also cool to the touch, offering more decorating options than ever before, making the updated lighting technology a smart choice for holiday decorating. Our LED Christmas lights are available in different lengths and various colors including warm white, cool white, blue, red and multi-colored. Find the right light strand for all of your decorating needs when you shop at Christmas Tree Hill. We even carry 1000 LED Christmas lights in addition to other string light lengths for indoor and outdoor use.
A Wide Array of LED String Lighting

No matter which type of LED string lights you're looking for, you'll find it at Christmas Tree Hill. Our impressive selection means we carry a string light for any need, whether you're looking for holiday string lights, garland lights or everyday string lights. We carry the standard 50-light warm white LED Christmas light set as well as the latest trends - snake garland LED string lights and LED cluster Christmas tree lights. These advanced holiday lights come with a remote and have eight different light functions for an impressive display that you can customize with the press of a button. Hang the garland with lights up once and use the remote to change the display to match the holiday or the season. Use the light strands to illuminate the outside of your house or your Christmas tree and enjoy incredible savings along with maintenance-free color.

Cluster LED string lighting is also very useful as a "patch" in the event of a burned out pre-lit LED tree. Don't toss that old tree when you can simply wrap an LED string light around it and restore it to its prior glory. When used as Christmas Tree Hill Christmas tree lights, LED string lights with green wires are nearly invisible. Use the light strands on garlands and evergreen wreaths to create a custom display. The light strands can also be used to illuminate architectural features and landscaping year-round or as part of your interior décor. You'll find mini bulb styles, larger C6 bulbs, star-shaped string lights, patriotic string lights LED and battery-operated LED light sets when you shop at Christmas Tree Hill.

LED Lighting Advantages

Why would you want to use string lighting LED technology? There are plenty of reasons. In addition to their long life (50,000+ hours) and far greater energy efficiency, LED cluster lights are also cool to the touch, which makes them a safer alternative to traditional incandescent lights. The cool exterior of the bulbs make them a safer option than standard incandescent lights, especially around pets and young children. LED bulbs are also highly durable and not affected by extremely cold temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor use in northern climates. The smaller size of LED bulbs also means less surface area to bump, break or snag, so the lights are easier to install and are less likely to break under normal circumstances. Generally speaking, LED string lights are safer, brighter and more durable than other string lights.

There are many advantages when it comes to LED cluster lights versus traditional lights. For those who want a seriously bright holiday display at an affordable price, LED garland Christmas lights are a natural choice. Christmas Tree Hill has a large selection of LED decorative lights to choose from, so you can find the right lighting for any need. Shop our selection of cluster Christmas lights today to find all kinds of energy-efficient lighting products for indoor or outdoor use.

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Since 1971, Christmas Tree Hill has been your destination for the most unique home décor, lighting, fashion and jewelry, collectibles, candles, gifts and more. Our years of experience have allowed us to successfully choose the best products to offer our customers and our LED string lights are no exception. If you want brilliance, value and long-lasting beauty, you need LED string lights from Christmas Tree Hill. Our products are not only a great value, they also come backed by our personalized customer service. Shop our selection today and pick the LED string light strand that's right for your decorating needs.