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Claire Burke Products Collection– Sprays & More

Create a Cozy Home with Claire Burke Products

For nearly six decades, Claire Burke has been synonymous with wonderful-smelling scents that illuminate, inspire and evoke memories. As one of the most sensitive of the five senses, scent is integral to one’s everyday experiences and guides us throughout life. With Claire Burke products, you can create a cozy abode with these legendary scents by the iconic New York City interior designer who had a desire to capture the essence of natural scents in her products.
Christmas Tree Hill: Your Claire Burke Retailer

As your trusted Claire Burke retailer, our selection of Claire Burke products blends the signature botanical blend of rose petals, greenery, fruits and herbs for a sensory experience unlike any other. Claire Burke products have been used in homes all over the world to freshen, brighten and enlighten each room’s atmosphere. Shop Christmas Tree Hill for Claire Burke products, including potpourri, room sprays, potpourri refresher oils, electric fragrance warmers and warmer refills. Scatter these fragrances throughout each room of your home to experience the wonder of Claire Burke for yourself.

Claire Burke: Scent of Memories

The beautifully scent and lovely aesthetics of Claire Burke products have been used to implement the designer’s wishes to “decorate with fragrance.” With her mission to create a “Scent of Memories” that would excite and stimulate the senses, Claire Burke created something special 60 years ago that continues to invigorate contemporary scent palates today.

Shop Claire Burke Products & More

Shop Christmas Tree Hill for the best-smelling home during the holiday season — and throughout the entire year. Along with Claire Burke products, we have a wide variety of scented products and home decor at great values. Shop our famous Christmas Tree Hill candle collection, our Swan Creek Candle Company candles and Wax Drizzle Melts™, luscious fragrance and electric warmers and candle accessories that will add a touch of beauty to your candles.

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