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Legacy Calendars – Wall Calendar Frames

If you’re tired of boring calendars with pages that fold and bend, you need a legacy calendar or a wall calendar frame from Christmas Tree Hill. Our high-quality calendar accessories make it enjoy able to track the days of the month. Even something as simple as a calendar frame can completely change the way your calendar looks while simultaneously helping to prevent the pages from curling down. Our calendar accessories are built to last, so while you’ll still need to change your calendar every year, that’s about all you’ll need to change.
Wall calendar frames from Christmas Tree Hill are designed to provide a space for a calendar to be hung. Taking down the calendar each month and rehanging it with a tack can damage your walls over time. A calendar frame prevents this from happening by providing a dedicated surface to hang your calendar. The frames have beveled edges and a solid wood backing that offers a sturdy location to hang your calendar. A built-in pencil shelf makes it easy to keep a writing utensil on-hand to jot down appointments while you’re on the phone without interrupting your call.

Legacy calendars, calendar frames and calendar holders from Christmas Tree Hill are the perfect choice for any holiday or occasion. They’re particularly popular for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, when people are thinking about the year to come, visiting with family, planning events and setting goals.

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