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Byers Choice Figurines - Byers Christmas Carolers

Byers Choice Christmas figures and displays were born in the 1960s and continue to be some of the most collectible Christmas items available today. Originally designed by Joyce Byers, the carolers are a celebration of childhood memories. They have a traditional appearance and a timeless aspect that make them the perfect addition to your seasonal decor. Byers Choice carolers are made in Pennsylvania by the Byersí family. They are handcrafted and come in a variety of styles. Start a new tradition or build on your existing collection by shopping from this yearís selection.
Christmas Tree Hill is your go-to destination for Byers Choice carolers dolls and other figures. There are several sub-collections to choose from including Caroling Families, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Colonial/Historical, 12 Days of Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Nativity, Nutcracker Ballet, Salvation Army and more. The figures arenít just confined to Christmas. There are even designs to celebrate with summer and spring decorations such as Easter and St. Patrickís Day. This lets you keep the festive holiday spirit going by trading out Byers Christmas carolers for their sunny and warm counterparts.

If youíre looking for the best selection of Christmas carolers figurines Byers Choice, youíve come to the right place. We carry all of the brandís most popular designs, as well as a few youíve never even thought to look for. Start a collection or build on your existing display when you shop at Christmas Tree Hill. Youíll love our impressive selection, competitive prices and commitment to quality.

Christmas Tree Hill has been family-owned since 1971 and is your go-to source for Byers Choice collectibles. Please note that all Byers Choice carolers are considered limited-edition as they are only available for a short period of time each year. Order yours now before this fun holiday tradition is gone forever. All carolers and figurines are made in Pennsylvania and meet the exceedingly high expectations of the brand.