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4Ocean® Bracelets – Ocean Cleanup Bracelet

Innovative, Solution-Based Environmentalism

In 2018, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch made headlines. The floating pile of garbage, which had been estimated to be about the size of Texas, had been reassessed and found to now be more than twice the size of Texas. It contains approximately 79,000 tons of plastic — a figure that was 16 times higher than previously reported. After decades of being treated as garbage dumps, the world’s oceans are now overflowing with trash. A mind-boggling problem to fix, entrepreneurs and agencies are now scrambling to try to find innovative ways to clean up the world’s oceans and waterways.
4Ocean® is Part of the Solution

4Ocean® is a company that is trying to be part of the solution. Started by two surfers who saw fishermen push through mounds of plastic to get their boats to open waters in Indonesia, founders Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper began raising money to fund ocean clean-ups. To date, the company is reported to have removed more than five million pounds of garbage and plastic from the ocean and its coastlines.

4Ocean® Fund-Raising Bracelets

As part of fundraising efforts for their ocean cleanup projects, 4Ocean’s bracelets enable the company to pull one pound of trash from the ocean with each bracelet sale. In addition, the Sea Turtle Bracelet, in a partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s Marine Research Laboratory, contributes to the study and the care of leatherback sea turtle hatchlings before they’re released into the wild.

Be Part of the Change

Christmas Tree Hill is proud to offer these bracelets for sale to help fund these essential environmental efforts around the world. With your purchase of a 4Ocean® bracelet, you’ll be a part of the change you wish to see in the world. Make the ocean’s future brighter with your purchase of 4Ocean bracelet and be part of the force of change.

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