Lighted Canvas Pictures - Christmas Tree Hill

Holiday lights aren't just for the exterior of your home. They can be used inside too - and to great effect. If you are looking for a creative and eye-catching way to light up your interior this holiday season (or any time of year), these lighted canvas pictures from our holiday supply team at Christmas Tree Hill may be the perfect solution for you. Battery operated and ready to set up right out of the box, these light up pictures are light any piece you'd hang on your wall or set on your mantle. There's just one extra detail: they light up! That's right - these tasteful pieces of holiday-themed art light up using small battery-powered lights to create a supercharged holiday effect that is truly breathtaking. At Christmas Tree Hill, we proudly carry an extensive collection of lighted canvas pictures in holiday styles ranging from traditional to eclectic. These light up pictures are great for decorating during any season! Browse our extensive selection below, and order your favorite battery-operated pictures that light up with our team today!