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KWO Smokers & Nutcrackers – German Incense Burners

KWO: The Largest Erzgebirge Wood Art Producer

From the mountainous Erzgebirge region between Germany and the Czech Republic, KWO (Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau GmbH) has been producing original wood art since 1949. What first began as a small wood-craft business, KWO quickly grew and established itself as one of the world 's largest producers of Erzgebirge wood art. Featuring traditional craftsmanship and hand-made artisanship, KWO's award-winning products have made the brand one of the most-desired sources for German smokers and authentic German nutcrackers in the world.
Handcrafted Wooden Folk Art

KWO's authentic German smokers and authentic wooden nutcrackers have a distinctive folk art look you'll love. If you collect folk art Christmas décor or just love the look, you'll love KWO's unique style. Each piece is handcrafted from high-quality wood and is carefully painted with strict attention to detail to meet KWO's exacting standards. KWO successfully blends traditional folk-art styles with traditional Christmas figures in their Erzgebirge nutcracker and smoker designs for must-have additions to your holiday or winter décor.

Genuine German Wooden Smokers

KWO 's German smokers are charming, themed, and hand-carved from high-quality wood. The wooden folk art men are designed to hold incense, making them into functioning wooden smokers with a touch of art. To use the wooden smokers, add a single cone of incense to these "smoking men," light, and enjoy burning incense that wafts out of these men 's old-fashioned pipes and mouths.

Each German smoker made by KWO has its own personality, and they are ideal to give as gifts to those who have specific professions, hobbies or interests. Love wooden gnomes? There is a German wooden incense smoker that features one of these mythical creatures. Shop lumberjack German wooden smokers, a bird-lover wooden smoker, grill masters wooden smokers and even a fisherman wooden smoker, plus German smoking man wooden smokers for artists, beer enthusiasts, wine dealers and more. There's no shortage of styles to choose from, so you can find a KWO German incense smoker for anyone on your gift list.

KWO Authentic Wooden Nutcrackers

Are you a nutcracker collector, or do you have one on your gift list? KWO 's authentic hand-carved German nutcrackers are the gold standard in nutcrackers, each with individual personalities and designs that make them must-haves for the nutcracker enthusiast. Whether you have hundreds of nutcrackers in your collection or have only recently discovered the charms of these little wooden men, Christmas Tree Hill has plenty of KWO authentic wooden nutcrackers to satisfy even the most enthusiastic collector. Choose from Bavarian nutcrackers, Santa Claus nutcrackers, snowmen nutcrackers and more. Decorate your mantle, your shelves or under your Christmas tree with hand-crafted German wooden nutcrackers that are guaranteed to be conversation starters.

KWO Handcrafted Workmanship

Christmas Tree Hill is your source for KWO 's unique hand-crafted designs, all at great prices. Give the gift of genuine German workmanship, wood folk art and hand-carved designs by ordering KWO products from Christmas Tree Hill. Ideal for friends and family members, particularly those who have a special place in their hearts for Germany or German art, KWO has the wood-carved German wooden smokers and nutcrackers that they 'll cherish for years. On top of the impressive selection, KWO nutcrackers and wooden smokers are handcrafted for quality you can see and feel. Nothing compares to KWO nutcrackers and wooden smokers. For even more exquisite hand-crafted German nutcracker styles, check out our selection of Steinbach nutcrackers.

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