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Decorative Candle Lanterns - Candle Holders

Add warmth to your home with a decorative candle lantern from Christmas Tree Hill. For use with battery-operated candles, these decorative candle holders minimize the risk of a fire without sacrificing the warm glow of a traditional flame. To take your décor to the next level, Christmas Tree Hill carries a variety of candle lanterns in modern finishes and trendy shapes.

Candle lanterns are perfect for winter decorating, but they're also versatile enough to be used year-round. Just pair your favorite with spring florals or Christmas candle rings and the colored candle of your choice to create a beautiful seasonal display.

Tips for Setting Up a Decorative Candle Lantern

Sized for tabletop use, these decorative candle holders come several styles and sizes, so you can choose the right option for your space.

For selecting and using a decorative candle lantern:

  • Start with compatibility. If you already own a set of electric candles, measure their height and circumference to narrow down your search.
  • Think about where you want to place the candle lantern, and what your intention is. With a battery-operated candle, these lanterns create a source of ambient light. Consider spacing them around your home's interior for gatherings, or adding them outdoors to light the path to your porch. On this note, you may want to group these decorative lanterns for a more concentrated yet mellow source, or space them out as points of light.
  • Align your décor. Decorative candle lanterns often embody a rustic or farmhouse style aesthetic that's simultaneously minimal yet never simplistic. On the other hand, particularly around the Christmas season, you'll come across ones with a more old-fashioned, classic silhouette, and others designed to emit more of a metallic glow. Realize that these candle holders should accent and complement your space's existing arrangement.

Considering these factors, decorative lanterns for candles from Christmas Tree Hill are intentionally plain. This makes it easy to customize for your décor or the season. For long-term use, our lantern holders are low maintenance, and because they're designed for use with battery-operated candles, there's never any soot or melted wax to worry about.

Browse Our Battery-Operated Candle Lanterns

If you're the type that appreciates an all-in-one approach to decorating, take a look at our battery-operated candle lanterns. As you think about the intersection of lighting and décor, they are attractive, easy to use and remarkably versatile and just need to be plugged in.

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill today for a completely unique selection of decorative candle lanterns. We've remained a family-owned company, and strive to provide you with truly distinctive lighting and décor choices. Browse today to find something different for your home.