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Steinbach Nutcrackers – German Nutcrackers

Wooden nutcrackers in the shape of soldiers, knights, kings and other shapes have been around since at least the 15th century. The first nutcrackers were considered to be a good luck symbol in Germany and according to folklore, a puppet-maker won a nut cracking contest by creating a doll with a mouth for a lever to crack the nuts. While modern nutcrackers maintain this lever system to open and close the mouth, most nutcrackers sold today, like the ones at Christmas Tree Hill, are purely decorative.
Steinbach Nutcrackers

Steinbach has a long history in making traditional German nutcrackers. The heirloom-worthy pieces are fine examples of German woodworking, with each nutcracker being hand-carved and hand-painted for a one-of-a-kind piece that you won't find anywhere else. Christmas Tree Hill is proud to offer Steinbach nutcrackers in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can add a Christmas classic to any room in your home.

Traditional and Novelty Designs

Steinbach nutcrackers come in traditional and novelty designs. Order a Santa nutcracker or a Slavic king nutcracker to match your dιcor, your culture or your interests. Christmas Tree Hill carries many of Steinbach's most popular nutcracker designs, so you can add a single Steinbach nutcracker to your holiday display or order all of your favorites for impressive collection of wooden figures. Steinbach German nutcrackers are considered collector's items, and some styles are available in limited quantities only. The traditional German nutcrackers also make great gifts because Steinbach nutcrackers are considered the gold standard for those that seek traditional German nutcrackers.

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill for the biggest and best selection of Steinbach nutcrackers for sale. Christmas Tree Hill is a family-owned company that has been offering hand-picked products and gifts since 1971. Take advantage of our personal service and value pricing to add some of our unique finds to your holiday decorations.