Steinbach Nutcrackers

Originally from Austria, the Steinbach family dates back to Erwin Steinbach, the famous architect and master builder who became Munster in Strasburg in 1284. Through a series of wars, the Steinbach family, which included architects, builders, salesmen, judges, politicians, clothiers and military men, were forced to relocate several times. The story states “If one does not work hard to earn the heritage, one will perish in the end or at best hold the stirrup for those who are on their way up”.

The Steinbach family started their business by purchasing a timber yard and operating a wood sawmill run by steam and eventually began making nutcrackers and other fine wood products. For most of two centuries and through seven generations, the Steinbach Family has been working, planting and harvesting the finest wood from old, strong trees in the forests of Germany. The Erzgebirge region of Germany has for many years, produced some of the most beautiful wooden items in the world. Always remaining true to the making of products, the Steinbach's continue to be masters of their craft.