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Christmas Candles - Holiday Candles

The calendar might mark the start of the holiday season, but it's the scents that truly signify the occasion, from fresh cookies baking to the distinctive notes of gingerbread, peppermint, hot chocolate and cider in the air. Your fondest holiday memories are probably tied to the scents of the season, which is why Christmas Tree Hill offers a large selection of scented holiday candles. Our Christmas candles can help you get in the holiday spirit or give your home a seasonal scent. Holiday candles also make a festive and well-appreciated gift, so celebrate the season by ordering a Christmas candle from Christmas Tree Hill.

Christmas Tree Hill has been making the holidays brighter since 1971, and we always take a personalized approach with our customers. Add a little light and a festive note to your holiday display by using tapered candles in centerpieces, or choose a scented jar candle to evoke fond holiday memories. We even have wax melts and other scented products featuring some of the most seasonal combinations you can think of.
What to Look for in a Christmas Candle

Enhance your Christmas tree's piney notes or add a splash of freshness with a berry fragrance by lighting scented candles from Christmas Tree Hill. As you explore Christmas Tree Hill's candle collection for yourself or to find the perfect gift, consider the following:

  1. Scent: Scent travels through the air to upgrade the atmosphere and contribute to the ambiance of a space. When it comes to Christmas candles, scent is one of the most important characteristics. Search for something sweet that makes it seem like you're baking a new treat, or layer on the evergreen through pine-based options.
  2. Packaging: Where will the candles be placed? Will you be using a set of holders, or do you plan to set the candle out in your living area? Boxed Christmas candles, in tapered or dinner shapes, will require a separate stand, while a jar design covers this for you. While taper candles or pillar candles are best for centerpieces, jar candles are more ideal for stand-alone displays.

Types of Christmas Candles

There are many types of Christmas candles on the market. Give your home a seasonal fragrance, add a warm glow to your table, or light up your holiday decorations using our premium candles. We offer candles in festive holiday colors and in scents you'll savor. With a large selection of Christmas candles to choose from, you'll find everything you need to make your holidays merry and bright at Christmas Tree Hill.

Scented Candles

Make your home even more inviting this holiday season with a gentle fragrance from a scented candle. The scented candle selection at Christmas Tree Hill includes all of your holiday favorites like cranberry, pine and more, so you can create instant holiday ambiance at home by simply lighting a candle. Our scented holiday candles come in two sizes to suit any budget or room size and include lids to preserve the fragrance when not in use.

Not a fan of an open flame? Choose one of our seasonal wax melts to get all of the warm fragrance of a traditional wick candle without the need for a flame. Wax melts are a safer alternative to traditional flame candles. Simply warm and melt the wax to release the scent, and give your home that holiday appeal you love. While you're shopping for candles, don't forget to order an all-season candle ring or a Christmas candle holder to finish your display.

Decorative Candles

While spice is nice and scented candles are certainly a holiday favorite, sometimes you need candles that are more decorative than fragrant. At Christmas Tree Hill, we have those, too. Enjoy our selection of boxed tapered candles and dinner candles in colors like red, cranberry or evergreen to give your holiday table design the perfect finishing touch. Our boxed Christmas candles have durable wicks and burn evenly, so they can be as functional as they are beautiful. Use decorative candles in your favorite centerpieces or seasonal displays and embrace the color and clean burn of a Christmas Tree Hill candle.

Shop Christmas Candles at Christmas Tree Hill

When it comes to Christmas candles, Christmas Tree Hill is hard to beat. We offer an excellent selection of both unscented Christmas candles and scented holiday candles. Shop online from the comfort of your own home, and grow your candle collection at an affordable price.

Christmas Tree Hill has been in business since 1971 and is still family-owned with an emphasis on customer service. At Christmas Tree Hill, we offer the best selection of unique gifts, home décor, jewelry, lighting, collectibles, candles and more, all at our unbeatable prices. Shop online and find the Christmas candles you need for less. See why so many families have made Christmas Tree Hill a part of their holiday traditions.