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Fragrance Wax Warmers and Electric Lantern Candle Warmers

A fragrance warmer or scented wax warmer isn’t just for the holidays. A delicious scent in the home is welcome all year round. Christmas candle warmers, electric-powered for safety and convenience, are a great way to diffuse candles scented with pine, cinnamon and other delicious seasonal aromas into stale winter indoor air.

But there are many other uses for them in all seasons as well. We offer various styles of candle warmers and fragrance warmers from modern plug-in styles to a vintage-style electric lantern candle warmer. Whether you choose simple and elegant or highly decorative, these candle and fragrance warmers are as attractive as they are practical.
Using a Candle Warmer or Fragrance Warmer in Every Season

Spicy and woodsy fragrances are ideal on cold days. However, in the heat of summer, it isn’t always desirable to open a window. If you have the air conditioner running and there’s a stale odor in your house, try a fresh scent such as citrus or floral to freshen and revitalize the air. Early spring, when the air is still chilly, is also a good time for floral scents as you and your family look forward to the first spring blooms.

Recommended autumn fragrances include mint, sage and eucalyptus in addition to traditional fall scents such as honey and maple, cinnamon, vanilla, and of course, apple and pumpkin. Another use for a fragrance or candle warmer is as aromatherapy to enhance one’s mood and for healing various physical ailments. For example, for relaxation and to relieve anxiety and stress, try lemon balm, valerian, lavender or chamomile.

And for decorating throughout the year, browse for a candle ring to match your circular warmer whether you pick berry rings for any season or bring in the holidays with our Christmas candle rings.

The Convenience of a Plug-In Fragrance Warmer

A plug-in fragrance warmer is so convenient, since it easily inserts into an electrical outlet. It is far nicer to be able to use your own scent and change it with the seasons rather than using a commercial freshener that may contain chemicals. We have decorative plug-in fragrance warmers in various styles.

Christmas Tree Hill – A Family Tradition

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