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Christmas Ornament Accessories – Hooks and Hangers

Hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree isn’t the only way to display your favorite holiday designs. At Christmas Tree Hill, we make it easy to put your full holiday ornament collection on display with a large selection of Christmas ornament accessories including premium hooks, hangers and more. Whether you’re looking for an ornament stand to display on a shelf or a heavy-duty hook to ensure your favorite glass pieces are safe and secure, you’ll find the display accessories you need at Christmas Tree Hill.
Ornament hooks are easy to lose or break, so it makes sense to keep a collection of fresh hooks on hand, especially during the holiday season. Christmas Tree Hill carries ornament hooks in traditional wire styles as well as revolving hooks, which allow your most precious ornaments to twist and turn for maximum visibility. Our premium hooks are made to carry the weight of your treasured ornaments, keeping them secure and preventing accidental damage. The wire hooks can be bent and twisted to accommodate virtually any type of ornament. They are sold in value-size boxes.

For non-Christmas ornaments, year-round displays and extra precious pieces that you don’t want to hang on a Christmas tree, we also carry Christmas ornaments hangers and displays. Our stands are available in a variety of designs, ranging from simple single-ornament hooks to more elaborate multiple ornament stands. Many have a gold or brass colored finish to perfectly complement your holiday designs. Please note the maximum ornament size that each hanger can accommodate before placing your order.

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill for the best selection of ornament accessories and display products. Whether you’re in need of a basic box of ornament hooks or are looking for a permanent year-round hanger for your home, you’ll find the ornament accessories you need and more at Christmas Tree Hill. We carry ornament display products all year round so you can plan ahead for the holidays or update your year-round display whenever you wish.