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C. T. Hill Designs – Unique Jewelry in Original Designs

Give a gift that will truly stand out when you shop the collection of C.T. Hill original jewelry designs from Christmas Tree Hill. These unique jewelry pieces are an excellent alternative to the cookie cutter designs that come from big box stores. Each one is designed with a focus on creativity and quality in order to provide you with the one-of-a-kind accessories for which you’ve been searching. This stunning jewelry collection includes a variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and jewelry sets. Some styles include two-tone jewelry, multi-layer jewelry and inspirational jewelry. Be sure to browse all of the items to find the perfect gift for your loved one. There’s a good chance that you’ll find the perfect piece for you, too.
The selection of necklaces in the C. T. Hill collection contains all kinds of stylish jewelry designs. Opt for a classic accessory by choosing from our pendant necklace options or mix it up a bit with a longer drop pendant necklace or a double-strand necklace. Leather cord necklaces are perfect for both men and women and offer a durable, sporty look. Beaded chain necklaces combine the dainty look of a metal chain with sparkling pops of color. Get the look of a pendant necklace with a trendy, updated design and a unique closing mechanism when you choose a lariat necklace. You can even combine stylish accessories with the benefits of aromatherapy by shopping our essential oil pendant necklace offerings. If you’d like a pre-matched jewelry gift set, we also offer necklace and earring sets.

In addition to a wide variety of necklaces, this collection also contains many different stunning bracelet options. Bangles are an excellent option as they provide a lovely clinking sound as the wearer moves about. Our bangles come in both plain options and styles that are decorated with sweet charms. Chain bracelets are another classic option that matches almost any style. A similar, less-traditional option is a wire bracelet or a toggle bracelet. Leather bracelets are excellent unisex options that can be given as gifts to men and women. Just like their necklace counterparts, they offer a durable and sporty look. We also carry a variety of essential oil bangles that provide wearable aromatherapy benefits. Shop our replacement essential oil pads when you’ve used up the ones included with your aromatherapy jewelry.