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Lost in the maze of life? Time for a new direction? Whether seeking simpler pleasures, peace and solitude or seeking excitement, adventure and escape, Mona B handbags are the perfect accessory, no matter where your journey is taking you. Mona B creates trendy weekenders, handbags and wristlets made mostly of recycled tarps and military tents. Using up-cycled canvas not only brings uniqueness to the fabric, but is a way of passing on a story about the journey of where the material came from and what it endured. These one-of-a-kind creations utilize materials that are less harmful to the environment. The texture and material are part of the up-cycled process that truly makes each bag durable, more eco-friendly and totally unique. Our collection of handbags range from assorted wallets, wristlets, crossbody bags and shoulder bags. Some bags are roomy enough to hold everything needed for a weekend getaway or small and simple enough to hold just your essentials. Shoulder straps, wrist straps and handbag handles. Interior and exterior pockets. Zippers, buckles, grommets and snaps. Each bag has designs and features well thought out to accommodate all needs. Whatever you seek, wherever you seek it, let Mona B simplify your journey.