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Mona B Handbags and More - Up-Cycled Canvas Fashion Handbags

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If you're the type of girl that loves fashion but also loves the environment, Mona B handbags and wallets from Christmas Tree Hill are the perfect choice. The designer uses up-cycled canvas to create beautiful handbags and other accessories that are fun, exciting and perfect for your daily adventures. Take them on vacations, take them to the store and take them wherever life may lead you. The trendy handbags and wallets are made mostly from recycled tarps and military tents, so they're friendly to the environment and to your budget.
Eco-Friendly Fashion

Mona B is the leader in eco-friendly fashion. The designer makes canvas and fabric handbags that are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about the purse you carry. The recycled bags don't look like re-pursed tarps and tents, but like high-end accessories you'd be proud to carry. With the addition of durable zippers, liners and other details, Mona B transforms recycled materials into modern fashions.

More than Bags

In addition to eco-friendly purses and wallets, Mona B also offers other accessories like bottle koozies, ID tags and more. While recycled vegan purses remain the brand's number one offering, eco-friendly wallets are also extremely popular. Mix and match pieces from Mona B's line and create your own environmentally friendly collection or add a single Mona B item to your existing rotation. Because each bag, wallet or accessory item is made from up-cycled materials, each piece is unique and tells its own story.

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill and experience the entire Mona B collection of eco-friendly purses, wallets and accessories. Each bag in the Mona B collection tells a unique story because they are made of up-cycled materials that are enjoying a second life and new purposes. Browse the collection today at Christmas Tree Hill and find a Mona B bag that you can feel good about carrying.