Dual Intensity Battery-Operated Window Candles

When trying to install window candles in each window, you may run into problems with hard to reach windows or locations that do not have a convenient power source. The window candles on this page are perfect for those spots. They have an automatic timer which switches the light on every 18 hours and switches the light off after 6 hours of run time. They are battery-operated, taking 4 AA batteries, and last for up to 30 days on a single set of batteries. One special feature on these window candle lights are the dual-intensity bulb that only fits our dual-intensity window candles. The LEDs inside the bulb are positioned specially so the candle shines brighter facing outside and softly facing inside. Another added feature is that the candle stick can be adjusted within the base so that it stands either 10 or 12 inches high. This is perfect if you have window sills that sit lower than others. The warm white LED lights will match most other warm white LED bulbs on the market. Try out these Dual-Intensity LED window candles today, only at Christmas Tree Hill.