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Inspirational Glass Message Jars - Everyday Home Decor

Create your own happiness by surrounding yourself with messages of positivity. Inspirational glass message jars from Christmas Tree Hill offer a simple and affordable way to infuse your life with positive vibes. The glass jars are ideal for creating Happy jars, 365 Jars, Jars of Wishes and more. Many have extra features or embellishments like jute rope handles, wrought iron additions and more. They can even be used to hold your own candle creations or for centerpieces at your next big event.
Inspired Style

Get creative with your home décor by adding and enjoy an inspired style from inspirational glass message jars throughout your space. Put one in your bedroom and treat it like your morning mantra or place one in your main living area for a daily reminder of life's lighter side. Our jars are as beautiful as they are inspiring, and they feature crystal-clear glass with a text message on the side as well as other embellishments.

Inspirational glass message jars are also ideal for decorating your workspace. They fit nicely on desktops and the messages are suitable for the workplace. Use them in your home office or at your corporate job. You can mix and match the jars with any of our other inspiring items to create a workspace that you look forward to going to each day.

Creative Uses

Inspirational message jars from Christmas Tree Hill are more than just decorations. They can be used for a variety of creative purposes so you can intentionally improve your life and mental well-being.

Use your favorite design to create a Happy Jar where you collect happy thoughts. Just jot down memories from the day or events that you're looking forward to on a scrap of paper and put it in the jar. When you're having a bad day, read a few of the slips to lift your spirits. You can also use the jars to create a 365 Jar. Simply collect 365 individual notes of positivity, like a quote from a favorite author - one slip for each day of the year - and give a note from your jar to someone in need each day.

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill for the best selection of inspirational glass message jars and fill your life with positivity and peace. Shop our selection today to find the design that calls to your heart and live a more peaceful, inspired life.