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Window Candles Lights, Electric Window Candle Lights

Light up your home with an electric window candle from Christmas Tree Hill. Unlike traditional open flames and wax that can melt, electric window candles are safe, mess free and easy to use. These flameless candles are perfect for holiday decorating or adding a touch of warmth to your home's exterior throughout the year. Electric window candles come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can choose a more classic look or something a little more modern.

Why Use Electric Window Candles

You love the ambient glow of a flickering flame and the warmth that comes with it. Yet, during the holiday season and the rest of the year, fire hazards from curtains to garlands to wandering pets remain a concern. And, that doesn't take into account you forgetting to blow a candle out before you head outdoors or to bed.

With plug-in and battery-powered cordless options available at Christmas Tree Hill, here's why electric window candles offer a safer, longer-lasting alternative:

  • No flame. This is the biggest concern with candles in the house, whether around Christmas or the rest of the year. Placed too close to a flammable material or in the event the candle tips offer, you risk a fire starting. Instead, LED window candles provide flameless operation with the same beauty, brightness and flickering effect.
  • Safer, mess-free operation: No wax and no flame mean you can place electric window candles in more locations without having to think about fire hazards or cleaning up a mess later.
  • Years of use: Perhaps you're looking for a set of electric window candles to decorate for the holiday season, or you like a glowing, more ambient light source in your home. In these and more cases, battery operation and a non-melting design mean these candles last through the season to the next and beyond.

A Candle for Every Window

At Christmas Tree Hill, we carry a candle for every window. Choose a traditional Williamsburg Candle with a pewter base for your colonial-style home or opt for a sleek dual-intensity candle light with a polished nickel base. Whatever your personal style is, you'll find something unique at Christmas Tree Hill. Don't forget that plug-in and cordless window candles can be used in other parts of your home: as lighting on tables, mantles and anywhere else that you might use a standard taper candle.

Battery-Operated or Plug-In Candles

Not everyone has an outlet near each window in their home, which can make installing plug-in window candles a challenge. Fortunately, at Christmas Tree Hill, you can choose from a corded window candle or opt for something battery-operated with a timer that can go anywhere. Whether you choose cordless or plug-in Christmas, many of our window candles have features like daylight sensors or tip-resistant bases. Need a little more security? Order a pack of window candle suction cup light holders or a three-pack of candle locks.

Shop for plug-in and battery-operated window candles at Christmas Tree Hill for the best selection and greatest value. Our window candles are easy to use, affordable and beautiful, so you'll want to leave them up year-round. Choose your favorite styles today and add a little light to your home this holiday season and beyond.