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Swan Creek Candle Company Candles & Wax Drizzle Melts™

Swan Creek Candles

If you’re wondering where to buy Swan Creek Candles and Swan Creek Drizzle Melts™, you’ve come to the right place! These scented candles and novelty 100 percent soy wax products have sure been in high demand here at Christmas Tree Hill. Their popularity continues to grow, thanks to their intense fragrance and their triple-scented, soot-free glow.

Swan Creek Candle Company: Sustainable and Cruelty-Free

Swan Creek Candle Company, an Ohio-based company, is known for their environmentally friendly candles that are made from American soybean wax — a sustainable and renewable product, unlike petroleum-based paraffin wax. This cruelty-free brand features longer burn times than many other, higher-priced candle brands. The Swan Creek Candle Company offers several different jar candle sizes, including 12- and 24-ounce jars. Each Swan Creek candle resists tunneling and has a long life that you’ll enjoy for hours.
Hours of Clean-Burning Enjoyment

Instantly warm up your foyer, your kitchen, a table or any other room’s surface with these high-quality Swan Creek Candle Company candles. Candles are a wonderful idea to warm up a dark spot or to add a cozy ambiance. Swan Creek Candles are made to bring the inviting comforts of home, thanks to their signature fragrances. You’ll enjoy hours upon hours of a clean-burning glow and luscious fragrances that are almost good enough to eat. Swan Creek Candles come in traditional floral and spice scents as well as kitchen-scented fragrances that will bring a just-baked hug into your home. Choose from Lemon-Box Cookies, Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte, Pineapple Vanilla Sugar, Mulberry and Mandarin, Roasted Espresso, Vanilla Pound Cake and more.

Swan Creek Candle Company Drizzle Melts™

Swan Creek Drizzle Melts™, available at Christmas Tree Hill, offer a flameless solution to those who want their home enveloped in Swan Creek Candle fragrance goodness but who do not want the risks associated with an open flame. Those with pets or young children often find soy wax melts preferable for many reasons. Swan Creek Drizzle Melts™ offer a safe, no-flame way to enjoy these classic scents in a novelty, “drizzled” confection-like bar that looks just like an extra-special, just-baked treat just out of the kitchen.

Christmas Tree Hill

Give Swan Creek Candle Company Drizzle Melts™ and Swan Creek Candles a try today! If you are unable to find a particular item you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Since 1971, we have been proud of our personalized service and family-owned care and values. We want to get to know you, which is a refreshing departure from the big-box stores. We offer great values and the best selection of unique products, collectibles, candles, lighting and gifts. Need help? Contact us! Also, while you’re here, makes sure you stay in touch for exclusive emails and coupons.