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Blankets, Quilts & Throws – Christmas Tree Hill

To add additional warmth to cold feet at the end of your bed or to cuddle up with while watching television at night with the family, our collection of quilts, throws and blankets will take the chill away on cold evenings. Add a cozy blanket to the back of every chair in your family room - and have extra to spare for additional family or friends.
Add Comfort and Warmth with Quilts and Throw Blankets

For comfort on a cold night, find something for just about any home décor preference. Whether your vision is more country chic or rustic, our blankets, throws and quilts come in a wide range of patterns, colors and designs. From vibrant shades and patterns with a seaside or ocean theme, like our Natural Shell quilted throw, to country plaids, farmhouse ticking and solid neutrals, there is a quilt, throw and blanket at Christmas Tree Hill that will complement any décor and satisfy your personal warmth needs beautifully. Along with their versatile appearances, these high-quality quilts and throw blankets are durable and will last for years with proper care.

Finding the Right Throw Blanket or Quilt

When you feel a chill in the air, you automatically reach for a cozy, soft quilt to wrap yourself in. At the same time, that throw blanket can contrast against your sofa and living area décor, or add structure to your bed by virtue of design.

As you browse Christmas Tree Hill's throw blankets and quilts for your own home or to find a gift, think about:

  • Color and texture and where they fit in with your décor and desired comfort level. Throw blankets, particularly, can range from visibly knit to soft, tactile sherpa.
  • Where it will be used. Do you intend to drape a throw blanket over your sofa, first for design and then later for warmth as you sit in front of the fireplace? Will the quilt function as an extra blanket for your bed? Will the blanket solely be for you - or will you be sharing it with someone else? These factors affect the color and material you pick, as well as size. Generally, for couch use, bigger throw blankets are preferred. To drape over a chair or create a color or textural contrast, consider something smaller.
  • On a bed, a quilt or throw blanket can function as an end-board when folded. If you intend to do this, measure the width of your bed to find the right size.

Quilts, Throws and Blankets as Great Gifts

Looking for a great housewarming or wedding gift? Give them a super-soft quilt, throw or blanket that is guaranteed to be used all year long. For a thoughtful gift basket, add one of our blankets along with a decorative ceramic mug, hot chocolate mix, a book and some novelty marshmallows. Blankets are always great ideas and are fantastic to give and to receive! By the holiday season, Christmas throws and blankets are a much-appreciated gift that will be used throughout the year.

Christmas Tree Hill: Unique Finds Since 1971

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