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Framed Country Art by Billy Jacobs - Country Wall Decor

Billy Jacobs Art

With his unique, primitive approach to art and his eye for colonial-style architecture and landscapes, Billy Jacobs artwork and framed country artwork is a go-to favorite for those who have a love for the rural American countryside. This woodcrafter and designer turned artist expresses his artistic design in a variety of mediums including wood, watercolors and acrylics - although in 2006, he made the switch exclusively to the watercolor medium.
Framed Country Art by Billy Jacobs

Billy Jacobs art is prized for their folksy depiction of the American countryside and are quite nostalgic in their execution. His Midwestern upbringing and his close contact with the Ohio influences of the rustic Amish lifestyle and architecture have strongly influenced Billy Jacobs' artwork. In his folk- and primitive-style art, you'll find country landscapes bursting with life and livestock, including cows, chickens, sheep, cats and birds.

His country farm artwork also includes the steadfast four-walled farmhouses that are so common and beloved in the Midwestern landscape as well as the red barn additions that is quintessentially Americana. Churches, stone houses, antique barns, winter landscapes with bare trees, wagons, sunflowers, snow: Billy Jacobs' art has a unique, stripped-down primitive perspective on all of these scenes.

Billy Jacobs Framed Prints at Christmas Tree Hill

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