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Cobble Hill Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to clear your mind and improve concentration while relaxing and having fun. Cobble Hill was founded in 2005 with a desire to bring back the art of the jigsaw puzzle. Featuring high-quality images and precision-cut pieces, Cobble Hill offers puzzles that puzzle enthusiasts love. Described as nostalgic, lively, endearing, sweet and durable, Cobble Hill puzzles capture images of seasonal landscapes, companion animals and more. Bring family and friends together over a high-quality puzzle.
Beautiful Images

Cobble Hill puzzles boast some of the most beautiful prints in the puzzle world. From serene landscapes to fields full of flowers to puppies on the back of a pickup truck, Cobble Hill puzzles are as beautiful to look at as they are fun to solve. The puzzle pieces fit together snugly, and the finished images are always stunning. Piece together a puzzle and watch as a breathtaking image comes to life right before your eyes. The puzzles have a glossy finish to preserve the beautiful designs.

High-Quality Entertainment

For high-quality entertainment the whole family can enjoy, you can't go wrong with a puzzle. Cobble Hill puzzles come in a variety of sizes from 350 pieces to 1,000 pieces, so you can choose the challenge that's right for your needs. Order a small 350-piece puzzle to do in an afternoon or challenge yourself with a 1,000-piece work of art. For family fun, take on a large puzzle and work together to bring the design to life.

When it comes to jigsaw puzzles, Christmas Tree Hill offers the best selection at the best prices. Our Cobble Hill puzzles successfully combine beauty and difficulty into a unique experience the whole family will enjoy. Whether you're new to puzzles or have been a lifelong collector, expand your horizons with a Cobble Hill puzzle from Christmas Tree Hill. We've been in business since 1971 and continue to offer the best selection of designs the whole family will enjoy.