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Battery-Operated Candles and Lighting - Realistic Look

Get the look of a real wick candle without the risk of an open flame by choosing a battery-operated candle from Christmas Tree Hill. Whether you want to create a stunning centerpiece for the holidays or just add a little mood lighting to your space, battery-powered candles are always a great choice. The candles feature a realistic flickering flame and wax body, so they look like a real candle. All of our battery-operated candles use LED bulbs for extra brightness and to help extend battery life.
Pillar Candles

When it comes to pillar candles, Christmas Tree Hill offers the best selection of flameless styles to choose from. We carry battery-operated pillar candles in all sizes, so you can illuminate a centerpiece, add a little mood lighting to a mantle or bask in the glow of your favorite candle while sitting on a deck. Neutral colors, realistic flickering flames and wax bodies make our battery-powered candles not only versatile, but also striking in appearance. Pair a candle with one of our candle holders or candle rings for a beautiful display.

Flickering flameless candles are a great way to get the warmth and ambiance of a candle without the risk of an open flame. Our battery-operated taper candles and pillar candles are also soot-free and unscented, so they won't cause irritation or discoloration. The battery-operated LED candles can be used indoors or out.

Decorative Candles

If a plain candle just doesn't do it for you, don't worry. Christmas Tree Hill also offers a selection of beautiful decorative candles to choose from that are battery powered for your convenience. Our decorative candles use LED technology for a bright light and they flicker just like a real candle, but they're flameless and safer to use indoors. Some even have built-in timers for extra convenience. Featuring crackled exteriors, colored wax bodies and even faux wax drips, our decorative candles look so real that you might find yourself trying to blow them out.

Brighten up your home's décor with LED candles with timers, battery-operated votive candles, Luminara flameless candles and more from Christmas Tree Hill. With so many candle styles and sizes to choose from, there's a battery-operated option for every need. Shop online for access to our complete collection of flameless candles and upgrade your home's décor the safe and easy way.