Battery Operated Candles & Lighting

Over the last 10 years, Battery Operated Candles have become very popular alternatives to real flame candles. Battery Operated Tapers, Pillars, Votives, & Tealights are perfect home lighting accents for your kitchen, living room, bathroom, & more. At Christmas Tree Hill, we specialize in carrying the widest selection of Battery Candles around. Moving Flame Candles utilize Luminara moving flame technology which provide high quality light quality and authentic flame movement. The best part about Moving Flame Candles is that they give you all the luxuries of a Luminara Candle, but at a lower cost. Using D cell batteries, Moving Flame Candles are the longest lasting battery operated candles on the market. Mystique Candles use the same technology as Luminara but use AA batteries. They do not last as long as Moving Flame Candles, but are an affordable option while still having a moving flame effect. Mirage Candles are the best value of the bunch. Using C batteries, they utilize timers to extend the run-time. Mirage Candles utilize patented technology the create a real flame effect with a stationary wick. Remotes are available for Moving Flame, Mystique, and Mirage Candles. Please note that batteries are sold separately.