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Decorative Wall Clocks - Howard Miller Clocks

Liven up your living areas with Howard Miller decorative wall clocks from Christmas Tree Hill. Our Howard Miller clocks are designed to tell a story while they tell the time. The beautiful pieces of art feature decorative faces, thick wooden frames and plenty of personality. Choose a Wine Bottle Clock for the kitchen or a Vintage Port Clock for the living room and enjoy the beauty of a Howard Miller clock in any room of your home.
Tell Time and Tell a Story

Your home should be a reflection of your personality. Don't settle for a basic wall clock when you can have a Howard Miller clock from Christmas Tree Hill. Our beautiful timepieces are functional, affordable and perfect for adding the finishing touches to your favorite spaces. From artistic faceplates to warm wooden frames, Howard Miller clocks go beyond the basics to truly tell a story. Choose a clock that matches your existing décor or pick out a special piece for an unexpected addition to your favorite spaces.

Precision Timepieces

The basic function of a wall clock is to tell time, and Howard Miller clocks do that exceptionally well. The precision clocks are designed to not only tell the time, but to keep it, maintaining accuracy day in and day out. Howard Miller is one of the finest clockmakers in the world, successfully producing clocks that are not only affordable but remarkably accurate. Set your clock once and know that it will keep the time.

Howard Miller clocks are battery operated, so they can be hung on virtually any flat surface. Without cords, there's no need for a nearby outlet, so clocks can be hung as high or as low on the wall as you please. Howard Miller clocks are perfectly sized for the home or office and with so many styles to choose from, you'll easily find the right timepiece for your any space. Need replacement batteries? We carry name-brand AA batteries that are perfect for use in Howard Miller wall clocks.

Upgrade your living spaces with Howard Miller clocks from Christmas Tree Hill. Tell the time while you tell a story with one of our precision timepieces. Christmas Tree Hill has been in business since 1971 and is your one-stop destination for fun and affordable home furnishings, accessories, gifts and more.