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Mailbox Wraps - Magnetic Mailbox Skins - Standard Size

The standard design of the average mailbox and its predictable neutral color can lend itself to a very dreary street scene, indeed. But who said mailboxes had to be boring? Dress your magnetic mailbox up with our magnetic mailbox decorations from Christmas Tree Hill. With our mailbox wraps and our unique mailbox skins, your mailbox will never be called dull.
Durable Magnetic Mailbox Decorations

Your home, landscaping and garden are a reflection of you. Now your mailbox can be an extension of your personality as well. Let your love for vibrant colors and decorated scenes shine through to your mailbox. Mailbox skins and mailbox wraps are an easy way to add long-lasting color and vivid prints to your magnetic mailbox decoration.

Forget painting your mailbox with spray paint or paint that is adversely affected by the harsh UV rays in sunlight or harsh outdoor elements: our mailbox wrap selection is UV printed and won't fade or dull with outdoor use.

Easy-to-Change-Out Mailbox Covers

These easy-to-use mailbox skins effortlessly add a fun new décor to your magnetic mailbox décor. Just pop these mailbox covers on in seconds flat. Our mailbox covers will withstand winds and other weather conditions beautifully and will stay put, thanks to their tough magnetic construction.

Seasonal Mailbox Skins

With our mailbox skins from Christmas Tree Hill, you can alternate your mailbox covers by season. Choose from themes, colors and designs that will reflect your love of fall or summer. Love patriotic themes for Fourth of July, Veteran's Day or Memorial Day? Our patriotic-themed U.S. flag mailbox skins will celebrate the holidays in vibrant red, white and blue. Summer flowers should not only be reserved for your flower beds: add a floral-themed mailbox cover and brighten your mailbox's look to add some color to your street, lane or cul-de-sac.

Brighten Up Outdoor Spaces with Christmas Tree Hill

At Christmas Tree Hill, we have many colorful ways to brighten up your garden and outdoor area. Shop Christmas and holiday-themed products and décor, including Halloween and other holiday novelty items. Shop our solar garden ornaments and statues, garden bird baths, unique garden pots and planters and water fountains and features. Shopping at Christmas Tree Hill is always an adventure!