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Garden Bird Baths - Garden Decor

Bird Garden Décor and More

When it comes to garden bird décor, bird baths are an all-time favorite for bird and nature lovers alike. Although bird feeders are also a great way to get in some family bird watching, not all birds will take a chance to check out a bird feeder. All birds, however, need fresh water, which is always a welcome addition for your neighborhood's feathered friends. Whether they use it to drink, bathe or play, garden bird baths are a delightful way to encourage your local birds to spend some time in your neck of the woods.
Peaceful and Serene Garden Bird Baths

Our garden bird baths are a fantastic way to add some peace and serenity to your garden area. Add one or more amongst your roses, by your kitchen window or somewhere that you can easily watch your feathered visitors. If you have children or grandchildren, consider using one of our garden bird baths as a learning experience: keep a book about birds on hand and find out more about the birds that frequent your yard. Teachers and other educators can make a difference in the lives of their students by adding bird baths outside their classroom windows to encourage visits from some of the local wildlife.

The Best Garden Bird Baths

Our pedestal garden bird baths offer a measure of safety and keep birds out of the way of predators. They are also shallow, as recommended by ornithology experts. A good garden bird bath will mimic a shallow puddle - anything deeper than that is too deep. Our garden bird baths also feature gentle slopes, pretty accents and beautiful finishes that are as beautiful for humans to look at as they are functional for birds to use.

Garden Accents, Garden Bird Baths and More

Shop garden bird baths and other garden accent items here at Christmas Tree Hill. Brighten up your garden, landscaping and patio area with Dancing Bird® decorative garden stakes in a variety of colors. Love the sound of running water? Be sure to check out our water fountains for indoor and covered outdoor use. Looking for unique garden planters? Shop our unique garden pots and planters and add your favorite greenery and/or flowers to really make your patio pop.