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Garden Route Natural Potpourri, Botanical Blends & Oils

Enjoy a fresh-smelling home every day of the year when you order your favorite Garden Route botanical potpourri blends or refresher oil sprays from Christmas Tree Hill. Garden Route's family of home fragrance products captures the essence of each season in a beautiful and aromatic blend of dried potpourri and potpourri refresher oils. Using imported fruit and foliage from the Western Cape of South Africa, each Garden Route home blend is hand crafted for a one-of-a-kind fragrance and an aesthetically pleasing presentation.
Fragrant Blends for Every Season

Garden Route offers a variety of fragrant blends that are perfect for any season. Whether you're celebrating the holidays with loved ones or welcoming in the first signs of life in the spring, there's a Garden Route blend that is perfectly suited to your needs. Highlight the holidays, celebrate the seasons and refresh your home with an exciting new fragrance from Garden Route. The botanical potpourri blends and refresher oils are extremely fragrant and will fill your home with a fresh, long-lasting scent you'll love. Plus, Garden Route blends are natural and safe to use, so you can feel good about your home fragrance selections, even if you have children or pets.

Garden Route potpourri blends are long-lasting enough to fill your home with fragrance for an entire season. Put out a dish of potpourri with your normal holiday or seasonal decorations and enjoy a fresh scent day after day. With so many botanical blends to choose from, you'll find the right fragrance for every day of the year.

Beautiful Botanical Blends

Unlike other home fragrance solutions that are meant to be discreet, Garden Route potpourri is designed to become a part of your home décor. The delicious blends feature large pieces of fruit, whole flowers, pinecones and other accents that give them a unique look in addition to an unforgettable fragrance. The botanical potpourri blends are made to be seen and can be prominently displayed in a potpourri dish or as part of a centerpiece or display. The fragrance blends will make your home smell good while adding color and life to your décor. Just add a bag to one of our beautiful potpourri bowls and place it in a high-traffic area. Each bag contains approximately five cups of potpourri, offering an abundance of fragrance for even the largest of areas.

Refresher Oils

If dried potpourri isn't what you're looking for, Garden Route also offers discreet and fragrant refresher oils to give your space an instant boost. The oils are available in various botanical scents, including lemon blossom and key lime. Garden Route fragrance oils are packed in 30-ml spray bottles, and a quick spritz is all you need for a long-lasting fragrance. Refresher oils can be used as often as you like to give your home the clean and aromatic fragrance you desire.

Freshen up your home by shopping for Garden Route potpourris and refresher sprays at Christmas Tree Hill, your source for one-of-a-kind gifts, jewelry and unique home décor. Shop our entire selection of high-quality home fragrance products to keep your space smelling fresh all year long. Shop for your favorite fragrance blend or try something new and go on an exciting scent journey through all of Garden Route's bestselling fragrances.