Aromatique Collection - Decorative Room Fragrance

As makers of creative and bold decorative room fragrance, Aromatique provides a distinct ambiance for each room in your home. Everyone loves Aromatique potpourri and its extra large fragranced botanticals, especially around the holiday season. The classic Aromatique Smell of Christmas will remind you of your favorite Christmas traditions. Use Aromatique Smell of the Tree for a spot-on reproduction of a freshly cut Christmas tree. Aromatique doesn't just make Christmas potpourri, put a decorative bowl of Aromatique Smell of Spring out to jumpstart your senses for the spring season. If potpourri isn't your thing, try Aromatique room sprays as an alternative. At the end of the season, don't throw away your potpourri. Rebag and save it for the next season. Revilatilize the botanical fragramce with refresher oil, which are concentrated specially blended oils to obtain true and lasting Aromatique fragrance. Christmas Tree Hill is your source for all Aromatique seasonal and holiday fragrance with the best selection and stock available.