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Decorative night lights offer the perfect opportunity to blend form and function in your home. Often thought of as a necessity for a children's bedroom, Christmas Tree Hill takes the standard night light and upgrades it into a work of art. These night lights for children are designed to fill your kid's imagination with cute and colorful characters while chasing away the monsters and offering a safe path to the door at night. Our decorative plug-in night lights come in a huge variety of styles ranging from animals to characters, objects and more. We even offer Christmas night lights to spark some holiday cheer while chasing away monsters.
Animal Night Lights

By far the most popular style of decorative night light is the animal night light. Featuring roosters, whales and other creatures, these unique night lights are perfect for kids that can't get enough of nature. They're also super collectible, so even adults will love the colorful designs. Choose your little one's favorite animal or pick out a night light that goes along with your collection to illuminate dark parts of your home.

Other Night Light Styles

Decorative night lights come in a huge variety of styles, including seasonal decorative night lights and more. Our non-animal night light selection includes things like lanterns, houses, Peanuts characters and more. If your night light isn't providing enough illumination, pair it with a set of string lights or battery-operated candles for an all-over glow that will help brighten up the night and keep you comfortable.

If you're ready to say goodbye to dark hallways and bedrooms that never seem bright enough, order decorative night lights from Christmas Tree Hill in your choice of style. We carry kids' night lights, night lights for adults and many other lighting accessories to make sure you can always see in the evening hours. Order night lights and lighting products online at Christmas Tree Hill for the best selection of unique lights at affordable prices.