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Lamp Shades

Little changes can make a big difference in your home's décor. If you're looking to redecorate on a budget, consider a new lamp shade from Christmas Tree Hill. Change your lamp shade to incorporate a new color into your room design or to give your space an instant update. A crisp, new lamp shade can make your room look like new. Shop at Christmas Tree Hill for a great selection of premium lamp shades at value prices.
Shades for Every Lamp

At Christmas Tree Hill, we carry lamp shades for every lamp. Whether you're looking for a small lamp shade for chandelier bulbs or a lamp shade in a standard size, you'll find what you need when you shop with us. We carry six-inch shades for chandeliers or miniature lamps and ten-inch lamp shades for standard table lamps. All of our shades come with a bulb-clip built in, so installation takes just seconds. Dimensions listed are referencing the diameter at the base of the shade. We also carry replacement light bulbs in common sizes.

Mini Lamp Shades

Mini lamp shades, or lamp shades for chandeliers, clip on to the bulb with something called a bulb clip. Bulb clips make it easy to install or remove lamp shades and they position the shade perfectly over the light bulb. Our mini lamp shades for chandeliers are lightweight and spring-operated, so they don't require any hardware or tools for installation. With a tapered body and several colors to match your décor, these mini lamp shades are an inexpensive way to add extra elegance to your lighting.

Standard Lamp Shades

Standard lamp shades are 10 inches in diameter and fit most table lamps. The standard shades are tapered like mini lamp shades, with a wider base than top. Most are made with bulb clips for easy installation and removal. Our standard lamp shades have fabric panels and come in several colors to choose from. They are trimmed on the top and bottom, plus some shades also have details running around the outside.

If you're looking for a fast and affordable way to spruce up your home's décor, pick out a new lamp shade from Christmas Tree Hill. Change your room's look with new lamp shades or go all out and add some matching throw pillows as well. At Christmas Tree Hill, we carry the home decorating solutions you crave at value prices. Browse our selection today to find lamp shades and other home décor items to fit your style.