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Wreath Stands – Fixed or Adjustable Height Stands

Wreaths are lovely to look at, but difficult to display. If you don’t have a door or a wall hook to hang your wreath on, consider using a wreath stand from Christmas Tree Hill. Our wreath stands are designed to be freestanding so you can display your wreath in virtually any location. We carry fixed or adjustable wreath stands to suit your needs and all of our stands are made to work with a variety of wreath sizes.
Wreath stands are commonly used in churches, stores and government buildings because they allow for a wreath to be displayed in a high-traffic area without the need for permanent hanging measures like nails or hooks in the wall. Wreath stands are typically freestanding, and adjustable height models allow the user to customize the height of the display to complement the size of the wreath or the event that it is being displayed at. Wreath stands are commonly used at funerals, during church services and in government buildings with large foyers or central displays.

A wreath stand may seem like a simple thing, but there’s a lot that goes into making the perfect wreath stand that is not immediately obvious. Weighted bases help keep the stands upright when they’re being used with heavy wreaths. Durable metal construction ensures the stand won’t bow or break when holding weight and a rounded tip at the end of the wreath hook prevents accidents from happening when hanging or removing the wreath. Our wreath stands are available in several sizes to suit your needs and our adjustable height wreath stands can be lengthened or shortened depending on the even that is taking place. In addition to wreath stands, we also carry wreath hooks, which are designed to go over the door.

For the best selection of wreath stands and other wreath accessories, shop at Christmas Tree Hill. We aim to be the internet’s leading destination for unique gifts, seasonal novelties, collectibles and more, including high-quality wreath stands. Whether you’re an individual looking for a non-permanent way to display your favorite wreaths or a business looking for a wreath stand for an upcoming event, you’ll find the stands you love at prices you can afford at Christmas Tree Hill.