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Solar LED Lighting – Decorative Outdoor Solar Lights

Add a little light to your favorite outdoor spaces with decorative solar LED lighting solutions from Christmas Tree Hill. We carry solar welcome signs, wind chimes and more, all built with integrated solar panels that charge during the day when exposed to direct sunlight. Once night falls, the stored energy is used to produce hours of light. The advanced solar panels are small in size, but produce impressive results, offering an affordable and reliable lighting solution for your favorite outdoor spaces. Use a solar LED light to offer a little extra illumination where you need it the most or use them in purely decorative capacities.
Our decorative outdoor solar lights are easy to use and are virtually maintenance-free. There are no batteries to change, no switches to flip or any other requirements. Simply place the lights in your yard and leave them. The lights are perfect for year-round use and as long as the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight, they will charge during the day without any intervention necessary.

For the best results, use the solar light features in clear, open areas with full sun exposure. An internal rechargeable battery stores the power generated during the day to operate the built-in LED lights at night. Because LEDs are energy-efficient, a single day’s worth of charging is enough to operate the lights for several hours at night.

In addition to advanced technology and a user-friendly design, our decorative solar lights are whimsical and make a great addition to any garden space. Use an illuminated sign to welcome guests to your home or opt for a fun animal-themed light to showcase your personality. We even carry solar-powered wind chimes and other novelty items, which function beautifully during the day and provide a source of light during the evening hours. For the best selection of premium solar-powered lights and lighting accessories, visit Christmas Tree Hill. Our selection of decorative solar lights changes periodically, so be sure to check back soon to see what’s new.