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Decorative Dishes, Glasses, Jars and Bottles - Decor

When you're going for that DIY, farmhouse-style aesthetic, consider decorative dishes. Ideal as wall art and table accents to stylistic servers, these versatile pieces might seem simplistic at a glance but can make a big impact on your home's décor.

Decorative dishes, glasses, jars and bottles are a great way to keep your décor light while adding a unique spin to your space. Glass home décor items can also be useful, holding everything from food items to car keys. At Christmas Tree Hill, we offer a large selection of decorative dishes, glasses, jars and bottles at a great value, so you can easily decorate your home the way you love.

Using Decorative Dishes, Glasses, Bowls and Jars

When it comes to decorative dishes, form should follow function. Our 54-ounce decorative bowls are generously sized and neutrally colored so they can serve as a catch-all near the front door or even as a fruit bowl on your holiday table. Our decorative dishes are medium in size, but large in style. Many come with metal bases and other interesting features.
How can you incorporate decorative dishes into your home?

  • The improvised China cabinet: Do you have exposed shelves displaying few, if any, items? Consider sets of decorative dishes, positioned outward for others to see the details, for a rustic, improved version of a classic China cabinet. Organize by color for a progressive, gradient effect, or create a pattern based on size, style or shade. Should you opt to use your decorative dishes for serving, this solution keeps them visible rather than hidden in a cabinet.
  • As wall art: This idea started off as a DIY project for repurposing older plates. Yet, the result - often mosaic in appearance but with a three-dimensional effect adding texture to your walls - has caught on. Consider, through mounting or hangers, adding a series of plates in different sizes and colors.
  • Mixing it up: Shelves to walls to console tables, space decorative plates, bowls, glasses and jars throughout your home for a cohesive and somewhat rustic to shabby chic DIY-inspired theme. Opt for similar materials and colors to coordinate your efforts.

Types of Decorative Dishes

Decorative glasses: Decorative glasses encompass drinking pieces to glass bowls. Many of our decorative glasses have prints that enhance their beauty, though the material itself is rather striking. In a home, glass can diffuse and reflect light, brightening up a space, a shadowed corner or a dark piece of furniture.

Decorative jars and bottles: Decorative jars and bottles are another one of our specialties. From vintage-looking bottles to glass jars printed with your favorite sayings, we carry the home décor accents you love. Leave the jar empty or fill it with one of our floral arrangements to add life to your space. Our glass jars are medium in size and can be used in a lot of different ways to help you customize your space.

Explore Decorative Dishes at Christmas Tree Hill

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill for a unique selection of decorative glass dishes, glasses, jars and other home décor items. All of our items are made with quality in mind, and our dedicated customer service team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're ready to give your home décor an update, start with decorative dishes from Christmas Tree Hill today.