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Water Fountains and Features – Home Decor

The sound of running water is said to be soothing. It can help calm nerves after a stressful day, and it adds life to an otherwise quiet or dormant space. Water founds and features from Christmas Tree Hill are specially designed for home use and are available in styles you’ll love. Whether you’re looking to create your own Zen-like are in your home or just want something unique for your front lawn, you’ll enjoy our selection of premium water fountains and features.
In areas where mosquito-borne illnesses are particularly prevalent, standing water can present a serious health hazard. If you love the look of bird baths or small ponds, you’ll love our water fountains and features. Using electric pumps, these features keep the water flowing, preventing them from becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. You’ll get the calming water feature you want without the worry or maintenance demands that come with standing water. As an added bonus, you’ll also enjoy the soothing sounds of running water while you relax in your home or yard.

Most of our water fountains and features are designed for outdoor use. They are made using heavy-duty materials that can easily withstand the elements. Some double as bird baths or drinking fountains for your local woodland creatures while others are purely designed for aesthetics. All materials used in the construction of a water fountain or feature will be water-resistant and non-corroding, offering years of use at a reasonable price. Our water features are easy to install and can be easily connected to your home’s water supply if needed.

For the best selection of unique water features, including bird baths, shop at Christmas Tree Hill. You’ll love the way our water features perform, and you’ll really love the way they’re priced. At Christmas Tree Hill, we offer the best selection of water features to enhance your home and yard. Browse our selection today to find the fountain or feature of your dreams.