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Framed Wall Art by Dan Campanelli – Wall Decor

Add a little color to your home with framed wall art by Dan Campanelli. As an artist, Campanelli draws inspiration from the world around him, infusing his artwork with the colors and feelings of the season. His landscapes feature buildings and scenes from real life, often incorporating the subtle changes of the season in a way that only he can. All of our Dan Campanelli prints are reproductions of the original paintings, painstakingly made to capture the colors, contours and subtleties of the originals. The prints are accented with beautiful wooden frames.
Dan Campanelli landscapes are the perfect choice for infusing your home with color and life. The paintings are incredibly realistic and appear to be more of a photograph than an artistic rendering. They capture moments in time in vivid detail and offer endless enjoyment. Choose a painting that complements your home’s decor or center your entire home design around your favorite piece. You could even change your wall decor with the seasons, choosing a different Dan Campanelli piece to display each time the weather changes.

All of our Dan Campanelli prints are framed before shipping. The wooden frames add to the beauty of the design and frames are carefully paired with individual pieces so that they complement it print rather than compete with it. The wooden frames are beautifully finished and look great in any home. Printed wall art arrives ready to hang, so all you have to do is choose a place for it to go.

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill for the most complete selection of Dan Campanelli artwork. We carry prints of all of the artist’s most famous pieces so you can enjoy your favorite paintings in the comfort of your own home. Because these pieces are reproductions of the originals, they’re priced affordably. Order your favorite prints today or pick out a piece to give as a special gift for a holiday, anniversary, wedding or birthday. Other framed pictures and prints are also available at Christmas Tree Hill.