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Decorative Pillows - Throw Pillows & Message Pillows

Add a fresh look to any room with decorative pillows from Christmas Tree Hill. Our collection includes a wide variety of styles and designs, allowing you to complement your existing décor while also adding a personal touch. From cute, clever message pillows to trendy and chic combinations, you can find something aligning with your style sensibilities. Start shopping now to find the perfect accents for your couch, bed, chair or anywhere else you like to sit and relax. (And don't forget all the thoughtful-gift possibilities here, too.)

Finding the Right Throw Pillows

If you're looking for quirky, cute or inspiring details, our message pillows have just what you need. Browse through our collection to find funny quips and moving sayings that will give your home a true-to-you feel.

To select the right set of decorative pillows:

  • Think about how you will be using the throw pillows. Decorative pillows bring a combination of comfort, style and support to your sofa or bed. Determine where you intend to place them, and what purpose they will serve. Consider some degree of flexibility if you will be using them throughout multiple rooms in your home.
  • Prioritize size. Where throw pillows are concerned, size more so than style is paramount. Particularly, too-large pillows not only take up excessive space but can look disjointed in relation to, if not camouflage, your sofa's or bed's décor. Generally, go with smaller throw pillows for living room chairs and couches, and larger sizes for your bed.
  • Focus on accents and colors: Throw pillows can be a focal point within your home's décor, perhaps accenting what's already there or adding in a subtle contrast. To get started, relate the set to something within the room - the upholstery on your chairs and couch, for instance, or the wallpaper - and select a few colors that contrast against this baseline. As such, prepare to have a mix of at least two related colors.
  • Don't forget texture: If you're seeking to be more subtle with your throw pillows, create those accents - while holding onto a semblance of similarity - through the material's texture, be it a more prominent weave, rib or degree of softness.

Shop Throw Pillows by Style

Many of our decorative throw pillows can be used to create a design theme throughout your interior. When you browse through our collection, you'll find beach throw pillows for a home or cottage near the shore, as well as cozy styles for the quintessentially serene house in the woods. These little touches add immeasurable style and personality. As an added bonus, they make your furniture or bedding feel even more comfortable. Shop at Christmas Tree Hill today to find a unique array of stylish and unique decorative pillows you won't see anywhere else to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.