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Stockings - Christmas Stockings and Stocking Holders

Every family has its own treasured Christmas stocking tradition. Whatever your family's Christmas stocking hanger practice, these holiday decorations have been a go-to extension of the gift-giving Christmas tradition since the 1800s. Today, these delightful holiday décor items are seen on mantles, bannisters and walls in homes all over the world.
Christmas Stocking Hanger Collection

If you're fortunate enough to have a mantle in your home, a bookshelf or a similar shelf where you can hang these lively Christmas decorations, a Christmas stocking hanger is a must-have. These Christmas stocking holders must be weighted, high-quality items to prevent your stockings from falling. In addition, these stocking holders must be decorative yet functional. Christmas Tree Hill has the Christmas stockings and Christmas stocking hangers that you'll love to bring out year after year. Check out our selection of Christmas stocking hangers and take your pick!

Silver Christmas Stocking Holders, Snowmen Stocking Holders and More

From silver Christmas stocking holders with snowmen and Christmas tree stocking hangers to mantel hook stocking holders, we have the best silver stocking hangers that you'll love to use. Purchase matching Christmas stocking hangers or mix and match with our other designs to add a festive touch to your stocking hanger décor. Prefer simplicity in your stocking hanger designs? You may choose to opt for our mantle hook stocking hangers, which come in a set of two. Purchase one or more sets as needed to hang your Christmas stockings by the chimney with care.

Christmas Tree Hill: The Best in Christmas Décor

Shop Christmas Tree Hill for the best in Christmas décor, accessories and products that will add a delightful touch to your home and help usher in Christmas cheer to you and yours. Shop our selection of Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree garland, festive LED string lights, artificial Christmas trees and Christmas tree toppers. We're your source for high-quality products, one-of-a-kind designs and great values that will keep you coming back over and over - year after year!